Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Class 5 Icse

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of grammar that every student needs to master. It forms the foundation of clear and concise communication, ensuring that the intended meaning of the sentence is conveyed correctly. For Class 5 ICSE students, understanding subject-verb agreement is essential in providing a solid foundation for their language skills.

Here are some exercises to help Class 5 ICSE students practice subject-verb agreement:

Exercise 1: Singular or Plural?

The first exercise involves identifying whether the subject is singular or plural, and then selecting the correct form of the verb.

Example: The dogs (bark, barks) loudly.

Correct answer: bark

Explanation: The subject `dogs` is plural, so the verb should be in plural form as well.

1. My friend (likes, like) to play soccer.

2. The cat (sleeps, sleep) all day.

3. The birds (fly, flies) high in the sky.

4. The teacher (teaches, teach) English to the students.

5. The boys (run, runs) in the park.

Exercise 2: Agreement in sentences

The second exercise involves finding the verb that agrees with the subject in a sentence.

Example: She (is, are) a great artist.

Correct answer: is

Explanation: The subject `she` is singular, so the verb should be in singular form as well.

1. The girls (play, plays) with their dolls.

2. The flowers (smell, smells) lovely.

3. The cars (drive, drives) on the road.

4. The dogs (bark, barks) at the mailman.

5. My family (watch, watches) TV every evening.

Exercise 3: Correcting errors

The third exercise involves correcting the errors in sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement.

Example: The boy play soccer.

Correct answer: The boy plays soccer.

Explanation: The subject `boy` is singular, so the verb should be in singular form as well.

1. The dogs barks loudly.

2. The boys runs fast.

3. The fish swim in the pond.

4. The flowers smell lovely.

5. The teacher teaches the class well.

In conclusion, mastering subject-verb agreement is a crucial part of the Class 5 ICSE curriculum. These exercises will help students understand the concept better and practice their language skills. Practicing these exercises regularly will ensure that students are well-equipped to use proper subject-verb agreement in their writing and communication.